The following are a logo and packaging mockups for a chocolate bar company. Given just the name, I was able to design a fun logo as well as four packaged chocolate bars. Taking inspiration from Creole folklore of the American South, the designs feature intricate patterns and voodoo characters that bring the product to life. 
Dark Chocolate with Coconut, 65% Raw Cacao
"Yemanjá, a motherly spirit adhered to tropical waters who provides nourishment and comfort. Seek the lush mixture of tropical coconut and our finest dark chocolate. Made from cocao pods curated from the coastal farms in Cote d’Ivoire."
Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate, 90% Raw Cacao
"Maleficio, an evil spell cast upon the living to control their will and deepest desires. The temptating fusion of pomegranate and our finest dark chocolate is a bond too strong to resist. Made using cacao pods curated from Puerto Rican farms."
Ghede Oussou
Dark Chocolate with Black Rum, 83% Raw Cacao
"Ghede Oussou, the voodoo prince of the afterlife and epitomy of over-indulgence. Succumb to the addictive mixture of tropical black rum and our finest dark chocolate currated from cocao pods hand-gathered from exotic Haitan farms."
Dark Chocolate with Orange, 83% Raw Cacao
"Amarre, a love spell creating a feeling of pure desire and irresistible temptations. Discover the alluring mixture of all-natural orange with our finest dark chocolate. Made with cacao pods gathered from Colombia."

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