I created these can labels and other designs for Marble's 2022 Starlight Wheat Ale for my Packaging Design class. The Starlight Wheat Ale was brewed specifically for El Paso and the can design honors everything that makes El Paso the amazing city it is. Along with the can, I designed a carton, poster, and t-shirt.
A set of 3 beer cans with a Folklorico dancer wearing a colorful traditional Mexican dress that radiates outwards from the center. The dress wraps around the entire can. The dress is blue with green, magenta, and orange patterns and icons including cacti, stars and poppy flowers. The words Starlight Wheat Ale is centered under the woman.
Box carton with the same design printed on each side, with a car placed in to front for scale.
Black t-shirt with a circular dress pattern printed on the front and the words "Starlight Wheat Ale" at the center.
Poster with the full dress pattern filling in the background. Starlight Wheat Ale is at the center. Foam is dripping from the top to make the poster look like a mug full of beer.

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