Self portrait, me with a space background with a stylized space crystal flying across the picture.
Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, I've always been inspired by Southwest culture and scenery. From the flora and fauna and breathtaking scenery, to the people and traditions, I am very proud to call this place my home.
Growing up, I had always been a big nerd when it came to computers. For the longest time I had always thought I would spend my life and career working with computers in some way, although I had no idea exactly how. My father had thought the same, but my mother was very artistic and I grew up around her drawings and paintings. I have always created art as a way to express myself. I took art classes in high school and found joy in drawing, painting, and sculpting. Although these classes satisfied my interest for art, when it came time to attend college, I had no particular idea what I wanted to study. I then realized that my passion for art and love for technology could collide in a happy medium through studying graphic design. 
From then on, I have utilized my creative eye to create digital artwork and designs. When approaching a project, I try to think of how I can take an overall main concept and envision how to use colors, shapes, and layouts to fully express what I want to communicate to the viewer. In many of my works you will find a Southwest influence abounds, as my love for this region cannot escape my art and designs. 

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Bachelor of Art
Graphic Design Major
Marketing Minor / GPA: 3.66  
Coronado High School
El Paso, Texas 
Top 25% of Class
UTEP Department of Art
Artist Assistant to Visiting Professor Steve Randall
El Paso, Texas

● Organized art events 

● Built sculptures 
● Created galleries
Coronado High School
Newspaper Journalist
El Paso, Texas

● Wrote detailed stories quickly while on a schedule
Produced short videos, designing magazine pages
● Communicative amongst a team of dedicated individuals
● Conducted interviews with faculty, staff and student body
● Time management, meeting weekly deadlines
● Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
● Web Design 
● Story writer
● Newspaper/Magazine layout
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